The site

This is the personal photo diary of Rachel James. Started in 1998, under different names and domains, is an on-going documentation of Dutch daily life.

About Rachel James

Born Nov 1976, Homestead AFB Florida
Grew up in AK, OR, WA, VA, and MD
Resides in the Netherlands
Is an indepedant photographer
Still dabbles in web design for a select few
Happily Married and is proud owner of <Tag />

The gear

x2 35MM SLR - Nikon F100, Nikon FE
x1 35MM dSLR - Canon 300D
x1 Rangefinder - Leica M6 TTL
x4 Medium Format - Holga, Woca, Rolleicord
x3 Polaroid - OneStep, SX-70, 680 SLR
x1 Point-n-Shoot - Lomo-CA


Copyright © Rachel James. All rights reserved.
Rachel, May 2006 - Taken by Marcel Klomp