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Rachel you look great in this photo -- proud, strong, patriotic without being mindless, but also calm and centered. This is what I want to think of when I think of America. There's something compelling about the expression on your face. Maybe I'm just really looking for something American to be proud of at this point, because it's really getting difficult to explain what the hell we are doing over here...
Susan — Fri 05 Nov 2004, 5:50 AM
Yesterday I went out early, voted, and that damn man still won! I hope that extra room is still around for summer renting b/c I'm buying my plane ticket REAL soon.
Lauren — Thu 04 Nov 2004, 2:03 AM
Went and voted, and luckily didn't even have to wait in a long, long line. Actually, didn't have to wait at all. However, we now see who, ahem, won.

Still have that spare room available?
Fred Alan — Wed 03 Nov 2004, 7:48 PM
I'm studying abroad in Kyoto and even I voted! *wooo*
John Grillo — Wed 03 Nov 2004, 7:32 AM
Well, dammit I voted! ;) The lines were the longest I've ever seen them too.
Teri — Wed 03 Nov 2004, 4:28 AM
I'm waiting for Andy to get home, then we're off to vote. I hope the lines aren't too long, but I don't care. I am curious to see voter-turnout numbers.
heather — Tue 02 Nov 2004, 10:36 PM
I voted! And I am keeping my fingers crossed; I do not like bushes, not even on my garden...
David — Tue 02 Nov 2004, 9:56 PM
I voted almost two weeks ago, and spent some time this weekend calling people and reminding them to vote. Today is going to be a fabulous day. Good things are in the air.
lisa — Tue 02 Nov 2004, 9:10 PM
Amen sister! All I can say is that if the Administration doesn't change after today I will be supremely disappointed in my fellow citizens.
twb — Tue 02 Nov 2004, 6:28 PM
Well said. It's frustrating being in another country... especially the one right next door knowing that the outcome will affect me but with no say in the matter.
Gayla — Tue 02 Nov 2004, 5:43 PM
Hi Rach!

Wish you were here. There is an excitement for this years' election that I've never seen, and I've voted for president eight times. The lines are the LONGEST I've ever seen them, and I've been checking with my friends in the midwest and east coast, and they all are experiencing the same thing, as are there friends and co-workers. The pundits are wrong...this race isn't a dead heat...I don't think we will be having the Supreme Court picking our president this year.

I agree with all those out there reading my words, and are registered, go vote, dammit!!! :o)

Donné Elbert Mills — Tue 02 Nov 2004, 3:15 PM
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